Before you find out the ailments and the lifestyle factors that can affect the liver, you study some background studies. The liver is the largest organ of the body, in solid form. It has to perform many vital functions. They include bile production, excretion of bilirubin, enzyme activation, and fat metabolism. When you ingest too many spicy and fatty substances, the liver has to work harder to convert them into simpler non-toxic forms.

If you do not take proper care of it, you could be in a fix. Various lifestyle factors can affect the normal functioning of the liver. Apart from your lifestyle, some medications can also affect it adversely. Therefore, you should read the below article to ensure that you ingest fewer substances that are harmful to the liver.

Read about the many factors below.


Everyone is aware of the harmful effects of incessant drinking. It can lead to brain damage and digestive system damage as well. An essential organ like the liver can handle small amounts, but large amounts can lead to nothing but destruction. Too much of it can lead to tissue scarring in the liver. Drinks on reaching the liver release harmful enzymes called acetaldehyde. It causes irreparable loss at times. Too much spirit in your body leads to inflammation as well. Sometimes, drinking is more of a psychological factor than a physical one.

So, you have to get counseling to overcome the state. Many people become so dependent on the substance that it is difficult to leave it. It leads to a high, which people believe, lessens their stress and anxiety. If you want to save your liver, you must stay away from it. Sometimes, the only possibility is to head for alcoholic rehab. Therapists can prescribe withdrawal medication and counsel to help you get rid of the issue.


It is nothing new to talk about. However, not many people pay heed to it. Smoking can often lead to life-threatening conditions. You must be already aware of its harmful effects on the lungs and heart. However, it does affect the liver in more ways than one. It affects the liver’s health in three ways. Cigarettes or any other kind of tobacco contains more than a thousand chemicals, and nicotine is just one of them. It is a very addictive substance. Moreover, it can increase your blood pressure heart rate and disrupt blood flow. It often leads to the hardening of arterial walls, leading to blockage and heart attack.

The lungs absorb the nicotine vapors when you smoke. It is quickly sent to the liver for metabolization. It leads to a chain of adverse effects. The nicotine causes oxidative stress on the liver, which leads to fibrosis. Continuous smoking can also lead to incapacitation of the tissues that carry oxygen. It also suppresses the body’s antibody-forming abilities. Apart from nicotine, some known substances like hydrocarbons and tars often lead to carcinoma. It is a type of cancer that originates in the liver or kidneys. Thus, you should stay away from cigarettes and tobacco products as much as possible. You can also divert your attention to fruit juice vaping, which is less intoxicating.

Unhealthy Food

Good food is one of the single-most and most essential things to keep you healthy. Lots of sugars, saturated fats, salt, and refined carbohydrates create excess pressure on the liver. Unhealthy food substances often lead to an increase in the size of the liver. If you think that salt does not harm, you are wrong. The body indeed requires iodine. However, excess of it can be detrimental to the liver. It mainly causes water retention and inflammation.

You should make an effort to eat nutritious and healthy food that contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Some healthy foods for the liver include grapefruits, blueberries, cranberries, pears, beetroot juices, and nuts. Fish oil is also considered extremely good for your liver.

Sluggish Lifestyle

Most people put on fat in the abdomen area. The excess amount of fat that you can see from the outside is deposited on the liver. This is what leads to fatty liver disease. Obesity and other chronic conditions can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Moreover, when you abuse the liver with unhealthy food, it can lead to a sluggish metabolism.

This leads to weight gain and lethargy. So, if you want to get rid of the excess weight, you have to exercise a lot for at least 4-5 days a week. Moreover, you can also practice yoga. It gives the body a lot of flexibility. If you lose weight and maintain a steady basal metabolic rate, you can also get rid of other ailments like diabetes.

These are a few lifestyle factors that can affect the liver. It is a vital organ, and you need to take adequate care of it, with the solutions mentioned.

Meta title: What Lifestyle Can Cause Liver Damage?
meta desc: Consumption of too much fast food, smoking, and lack of exercise can lead to liver ailments. Liver Cirrhosis and fatty liver diseases are the most common ailments.