There are betting sites where you can use the loyalty programs to get 토토사이트 for loyal and heavy users of their sites. The following are some of the loyalty rewards programs that you will get on various sports betting sites:


Most of the online sports betting sites that you will get have some points systems that they embrace. The action that earns a point will tend to vary from one site to the next. Points can easily be obtained from various measures including amount of money which has been wagered frequency of play, amount of losses, and the average amount that is wagered per any bet.

You will most of the time find out that, different bet types are worth different points numbers and it a common occurrence for bets that have higher odds to attract more points.


Most of the websites for sports betting do organize for a variety of programs for rewards by using tiers. The more a customer frequently bets, and the more the amount used for gambling, the higher the level at which they end up qualifying for the tier.

The minimum requirements for having to get a tier is normally based on points or the total amount of money used to bet on a weekly or monthly basis. The levels which are high will tend to attract higher prizes which are better. If there is a cashback bonus available, then the top tiers will tend to get a higher percentage when there are losses.

Site tend to give free meals, merchandize, trips, or a lot of other good things depending on the amount they are valuing the tiers to the bettors.


There are some programs for loyalty rewards that you will get where the bettors are gifted with a bonus as per the activity. There could be program for points exchange where the customer trade point for the reward or merchandizer that is available

Such websites will enter their loyal customers into tournaments or raffles where they end up receiving prizes that will range from t-shirts to cars to vacation packages.

Cash back

Cash back is one of the most common loyalty rewards that most sites offer. Money is given back for losses which are common in most of the rewards programs that are tier based. There are also some instances where bettors are given cash back for a certain set period. The amount of the reward will entirely be tied on the amount you bet.

Enhanced odds

When you reach a set points amount, you will be able to earn prizes as a sports bettor such as getting enhanced odds.  It is a reward that is normally in-game allowing the player to move the odds for a particular contest in a direction that is favorable for a certain bet.

There are sites that will allow the bettor to change drastically a line by shifting odds like 2:1 to about 25::1. When a site allows such, the maximum will always have a limit.