If you are a student looking to move away from home, finding the right accommodation can be a daunting task. You need to find somewhere that is comfortable, safe and affordable. That’s why it is important to do your research and make sure you consider all the options available when choosing student accommodation. Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting birmingham student homes

Location Matters 

The location of your student accommodation is an important factor to consider when making your decision. You want to make sure it is close enough to campus so that you don’t have to worry about getting up early for class or spending too much time commuting back and forth. Additionally, if you plan on living with friends or other students, then it’s important that you choose a place that is easily accessible for everyone involved. 

Amenities are Important Too 

Most student accommodations offer amenities such as gyms, pools, laundry facilities and gaming rooms. These amenities can add value to your experience as a student by providing convenience and comfort in addition to helping you stay healthy and fit while away at school. Be sure to check out what amenities are offered at each potential rental before making a final decision. 

The Price Tag Can’t Be Ignored 

One of the most important factors when deciding on student housing is cost. When comparing prices between different locations or types of housing, make sure you understand exactly what costs are included in each price tag (e.g., internet access fees). It’s also worth checking whether there are any discounts or special offers available that could help reduce the overall cost of living in the accommodation.

Safety First 

You should also take into account how safe the area is before committing to any particular type of accommodation. Are there plenty of people around? Is there easy access to public transport? Are there security cameras? These questions should give you an idea as to how secure your chosen area will be while living there as a student.


Another great benefit of student accommodation is that it is often much more affordable than living off-campus. Student accommodations typically include all bills and utilities in one monthly fee, making life easier for students who don’t want to worry about managing multiple bills each month. Furthermore, many student accommodations offer discounts and other incentives like free meals or discounted gym memberships which can make your stay even more affordable.

Finding suitable student accommodation can be challenging but with these tips in mind it should be easier for you to make an informed decision about where best suits your needs and budget requirements. Remember that location matters, amenities matter, price matters and safety matters! 

Finally, keep in mind that it is important to stay organized and informed when looking for student accommodation. Do your research before making any decisions and be sure to read through contracts thoroughly before signing. You should also always make sure to discuss any queries you might have with the landlord or letting agency so that you can get a full understanding of the property and your rights as a tenant.