Probation violation in NJ: Things to know

Probation violation in NJ: Things to know

If a defendant has made a plea deal, or is a first-time offender, the court may grant probation instead of jail time. There are various conditions and cases, when the judge may consider probation over a jail term. Probation is not same as parole, and there are strict conditions that must be complied with. Probation violation is a serious offence and can have serious consequences. In your best interests, you may want to contact a New Jersey probation attorney. Here are some things to know about probation violation. 

Understanding probation

Probation is usually granted in cases that involve less-severe crimes. Someone who has been never charged with a criminal offense is more likely to get a probation, compared to a serial offender. There are strict rules and regulations related to probation that must be adhered to. The defendant must be subjected to rules, like curfew after certain hour of the day, random urinalysis, drug/alcohol treatment, community service, and electronic monitoring. In most cases, periodic visits to the probation officer are a must. 

Consequences of probation violation

Defendants are expected to follow all rules, regulations, and conditions of the probation, without any lapses. However, when charged with probation violation, the consequences can be severe. If the probation officer finds the violation to be minor, they may call the defendant to the office to address the matter. In other cases, they will report the same, and the court will issue an arrest warrant. If you are arrested, you cannot get a bail and may have to stay in jail, until the next hearing. Consequences eventually may include revocation of probation and serving the previous jail time as sentenced. In some cases, the probation period can be extended and harsher regulations can be imposed. 

Do you need an attorney?

You definitely need a criminal defense attorney when charged with probation violation. This is important because you will not have a jury trial, and your lawyer can be instrumental in making a plea agreement and avoiding harsher penalties. There are law firms that handle probation violation cases in NJ on a regular basis, and you need to contact one of their attorneys immediately after you are arrested. 

Keep in mind that probation violation is not to be taken lightly. Your attorney’s eventual goal is to keep you out of jail, and how they argue your case determines the consequences of probation violation to a large extent. 

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