Quills, Typewriters, and Computers – The Difference Technology Makes

Quills, Typewriters, and Computers – The Difference Technology Makes

Centuries ago writing was an art that strengthened the hands, the mind, and the soul. Then came the typewriter and penmanship declined. For years, writers became accustomed to seeing their work in print and not their own handwriting. The hands became idle. Later technology introduced the computer and word processing software quickly replaced the mind with tools like spell-checkers, grammar-checkers, and thesauruses. Today people can literally buy their writing with such products as private-label-rights. It’s no longer necessary to even come up with the words at all. Where will our souls be tomorrow?

Students are able to connect to the Internet, access millions of documents, and plagiarize there school work with the click of a mouse. Cheating is now easier than ever. The sad part is that this technology only makes it harder to get caught. How many new and aspiring authors have you heard of lately that recently published their novels only to be accused of plagiarism shortly there after? I’m not here to point fingers or name names, but the truth is there for all of us to see.

A lot of you are writers, I’m sure, and some of you, may very well be, good writers. However, it is important that we ask ourselves in these technology-driven times why it is we write. Are you writing for fame or fortune? Perhaps you’re writing just for the sake of writing. Whatever reasons you may have you’ll be sure to learn that what you write reflects on who you are.

Your experiences in life, your memories, your thoughts, ideas, and personality are all that make up the words around you. How you put them together and share them with others is a matter all on its own. That part may be left up to talent, but talent is never enough. It can only take you so far. The rest requires wisdom, intellect, bravery, and perseverance.

Writing is truly an art I have come to love. With words you can change the world or capture the attention of just one precious soul. Some times three simple words, like “I love you”, can be more meaningful than an entire library of books. Whereas other times millions of words all intending to express the same thought will fall on deaf ears and shrouded eyes. Still writing is an art that has been around far longer than all of this technology – and that will never change.

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