Weapons protect humankind at times of need. It is a device used to harm someone or cause damage. Weapons are of many types a gun is one among them. Guns are not a safe thing that you can carry around with you like a toy. If the gun is not handled with care, it will create a lot of damage.

Every armament is an instrument used in wars, killing, fighting, injuring, and defeating the enemy. To carry such a weapon, you need a holder. The leather holster is one of the best holders for carrying a gun. It is equipment that helps to keep the gun safely inside the holder.


In a holder, the gun can be easily used to fire someone. You can pull the gun out of the holder in seconds without any delay and save yourself or fight against the enemy. The holder can fit in your waistband or attach in a belt or you can also carry it in an underarm holder.

These are the safe positions to carry the gun and the holder. You can carry it on your waistband, underarm, or attach it to your belt. In our company, the leather holsters are made with great care and with the best leather material. We also love shooting like you, so our experience tells us that we need to keep improving every day.

So, for all those shooting lovers we make the best gun holders. It will keep the gun firm in any weather conditions. We have got the most beautiful leather pieces of gun holders with a variety of features. Each of the gun holders is unique in its way.

Every existing product can be made a new look with new design and made into a completely new comfortable gun holder in our company. For gun leather holsters, we have holders like custom chest-to-drink coasters. The chest rig Glock can be custom-made in our company for you.

You will get a 10mm extension barrel in this gun holder. If you are a hunter, we can get you a matching set of two hunting handguns holder which is beautifully designed for you.

In this first gun holder, you will get a Glock 10mm pistol with a 6’ barrel firearm feature. Moreover, you will also get a surfire x300 weapon light. For the second holder, you will get a smith and Wesson V-Comp in 44Magnum. It is lightweight and more comfortable to wear on your body for everyday usage.

You can easily carry your gun in this holder for a long time. It will easily come out when you try to use the gun against your enemy or at hunting. Both of these holders are firm and designed in collaboration with firearms. To create some beautiful leather holsters, we worked on their functional parts and created some new features as well. You can check out some of these gun holder’s images displayed on our web page along with their price and features.