If you are a vehicle owner in the state of Florida, you have definitely heard the term full coverage car insurance being tossed around. If you do not know what the phrase means, this article is here to explain it to you. Reading this article will explain to you why getting full coverage is necessary, and motivate you to get it by contacting a Stuart Car Accident Lawyer.

Let’s begin with the most basic coverage offered in the state of Florida. A few are created to safeguard those you kill, others to protect your belongings and pay your medical expenses, and still others are designed to compensate you for suffering and pain. The two broad types of coverage are Bodily Harm Coverages and Property Coverages. Let us examine the Bodily Harm Coverages a little further and understand the coverages that fall under it. 

Bodily Harm Coverages:

  • Personal Injury Protection: This scheme is designed to cover equal to eighty percent of your medical expenses in the aftermath of a road accident, irrespective of who is at fault. It is your duty to pay the residual 20% of hospital bills. Personal Injury Protection coverage of at least $10,000 is required in the state of Florida. Also, after the insurer has supplied you with the ten thousand dollars, the remaining costs are your responsibility. 
  • Property Damage Liability: If you have caused a road accident, or you are to blame for a car accident, this coverage is intended to compensate for the property damage you have caused people involved in the accident, and vise – versa. In Florida, the majority of people have ten thousand dollars in property loss coverage.
  • Uninsured Motorist: This form of coverage is considered by most lawyers, to be the most important form of coverage. If you are involved in an accident and it was not a result of your negligence, or was not caused by your vehicle, Uninsured Motorist can take responsibility for your damages if the other party does not have Bodily Injury Coverage at all or just doesn’t have enough Bodily Injury Coverage to compensate your losses.
  • Bodily Injury: This form of coverage is much like Liability for Property Damage, however, rather than protecting another person’s vehicle, involved in the accident, it protects their body and the related medical bills incurred in a car accident injury. Bodily Injury is among the most valuable coverages to have on your insurance mostly because it covers the other individual’s hospital expenses after a traffic accident, and at the same time, it also pays for the other person’s suffering and pain.

After an accident, you could find yourself in financial distress if you do not have these coverages. A conscientious insurance provider who is looking out for your best interests will not sell you any car insurance without these protections. If you are searching for legal advice on these policies, it is best to consult a Stuart Car Accident Lawyer.