If there is something that fills any Thai with pride, it is their kitchen. Stroll through places as far away from Bangkok as San Francisco, Sydney or even Budapest, and you will see numerous Thai restaurants

Thai cuisine mixes the flavors in the same dish in a unique way. The same recipe can be sweet, sour, salty and spicy at the same time. This, which usually shocks those who do not know Thai food, is what makes their enthusiasts fall in love.

Below, you have a list of dishes that we recommend you try on a tuk tuk food tour bangkok.

Pad Thai

This is the most famous dish in the country. These are fried rice noodles with range or chicken, as you prefer, made with eggs, tofu, vegetables and, the secret ingredient, a tamarind-based sauce and palm sugar. Anyway, today is the favorite dish of tourists.

Khao Pad Saparod

In addition to the Pad Thai, the Khao Pad Saparod is the typical dish that almost everyone will like. It is fried rice with shrimp or chicken, pineapple, egg, cashews, raisins and fish sauce. It is made with curry powder, so it also has a touch of curry flavor — excellent option for children.

Kai Pad Med Mamuang

The Kai Pad Med Mamuang is one of the favorite dishes in Thailand. It is a plate of chicken, cashews, pepper, onion, mushrooms and all with a sauce made of oyster and soy sauce. It is rarely eaten alone, usually accompanied by a plate of white rice or, better, brown rice.

Krapau Pad

The Krapau Pad is a dish that you usually eat in fast foods. A plate of chicken rice with chili and basil is treated. It is made with an oyster and pepper sauce.

Siuw Pad

The Siuw Pad – for those who are already considering it, is a dish of noodles sauteed with chicken, egg, pepper, garlic and made with oyster sauce. The noodles are bigger and sticky than those of Pad Thai with what is not a dish that is usually so successful.