The locks allow us to gain control over our possessions and have security to our doors and safes, they have also evolved with new technologies, and the digital lock has gained popularity. Do you know their points for and against?

What Is The Digital Lock?

A digital or electronic lock is one that works entirely with a digital solution, as its name suggests. It is presented as a more modern and more comfortable alternative to mechanical locks.

We find several modalities within this type of locks. First, those that use a password or access code. Its installation is straightforward; they are economical and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Second, we have the fingerprint reader. This panel can detect several traces to allow access. It stands out for its speed and reliability. Finally, the digital lock can also use a key. It is the combination of a traditional lock with the digital lock. Although its price is higher, so is the security it guarantees.

Advantages Of The Digital Lock

A digital lock has a somewhat higher cost than mechanical locks. However, what we get in return is greater security of our properties by making entry difficult by unwanted visitors. To deepen in it, then we will know the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Can They Be Programmed?

Unlike a traditional one, the digital lock can be programmed to identify the people who can access the interior of the house. This means a significant advantage over mechanical locks since it is not possible to force the closure.

Establishment Of Schedules

If we know that we are going to stay out of our home for long periods, or simply if we prefer to sleep at night in complete peace of mind, the digital lock can be blocked.

The activation of the lock at certain times are made through keys that can be modified when we consider necessary. In this way, we can also increase security in the home.

Remote Activation

The smart door lock can be activated remotely. Therefore, if we arrive home loaded, we should not worry about looking for the key, maneuvering, etc. Simply activate a command or use an application on the mobile phone to open the door.

Disadvantages Of The Digital Lock

Regarding the disadvantages of the digital lock, being an automatic mechanism, it is subject to problems that may arise about the supply. Issues with batteries or with electricity can leave these locks inactive, preventing access to the home or the safe.

In addition to this, as it happens with the mobile phone or with a computer, failures can appear that we cannot solve mechanically. Although it is a high-quality product, these types of problems can appear suddenly.

The digital lock is a modern alternative with many more features than the traditional one, and it is a very safe bet.