In response to the uncertainties posed by the pandemic, we all know that companies were forced to ask employees to work from home. But, today, working from home has become a norm as employees work at their own pace and produce better results.  

However, there are times when employees slack off, so managers need to establish clear policies to get the work done.  

If you are looking for effective tips to manage your remote teams, we have got you covered! 

Understand Your Responsibilities 

Before you suggest to others how they can manage their work, it is crucial to understand your responsibilities. 

You need to have a clear idea about how you have to manage your work depending on the untimely situations. Moreover, you need to be humble and understand that work from home can get tricky and do not get harsh on employees. 

You also need to understand how essential your role is in fairly applying the company’s rules and how you can get the work done. 

Focus on the Outcomes

Make sure that you do not micromanage your employees, as this can frustrate them. Instead, you need to clearly define the goals so employees can develop a plan independently. 

Also, it is your responsibility to ensure that the employees have access to all the resources and resolve their issues. Trust us! You will get the best results if you let the employee work at his own pace. 

Encourage Remote Interactions

Working from home does not mean that you simply assign the tasks and leave the employee on their own. 

You need to think about the activities that can cheer up the employees and make them feel valued. Check on your employees and make them feel comfortable and motivated to work. 

For example, you can initiate non-work-related conversations after the meeting is over. Similarly, appreciating the employees in front of everyone boosts their morale unlike anything else. 


As a manager, we know it gets difficult to get the work done at times. As much as it agitates you, do not take it out on your employees. 

Ensure that you take follow-ups otherwise employees might not submit the work on time. However, do not micromanage otherwise, you will end up losing your resources. 

Discuss the plans with employees and let them know how crucial it is to complete the task within the given time. So, give them the space to discuss the issues with you and then take follow-ups!

Before you take follows ups, ensure you have a reliable internet connection. Contact MetroNet Espanol to get high-speed internet. 

Set Clear Standards

Make sure that you let the employees know how vital it is to be available during office hours. Do not appreciate over-working! 

Use a communication channel and ensure that employees follow the rules and basic policies. On the other hand, you need to be a bit flexible as well! If someone has an emergency, allow them to start the work at their pace but make sure this doesn’t become a practice.  

Consequently, if the employee has completed the tasks earlier, they can relax without increasing their workload. 

Use the Right Project Management Software

Work from home becomes difficult when you cannot track the employees’ progress. Also, you might not be able to handle a team if you do not have a proper tool to rely on. 

Hence, you need to invest in the right software to maintain the performance sheets, share the tasks, have discussions, track the tasks, and much more! 

Good software can help you achieve your goals easily so choose one smartly! 

To Conclude

Being a manager is not easy because one has to deal with several people and still get the work done! Also, it is indeed a challenge to handle the teams in the right way. But we hope you will use the tips mentioned above to manage your remote teams. 

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