Pearls are cultivated either in freshwater or saltwater. Freshwater pearls are formed in lakes, ponds, rivers etc. whereas saltwater pearls are produced in oceans and seas. Not all oysters can produce pearls naturally. It is out of ten thousand oysters that one oyster can produce pearls. This is the main reason of pearl cultivation. Although it might be cultivated, but the procedure is still natural where an irritant is forced in the oyster shell so that after some time a pearl is formed.

Cultivated pearls were initially confined to Japan where Kokichi Mikimoto was the head to cultivate pearls in a natural way. However, now the pearl business has expanded to US, China, Australia, and Indonesia etc. This makes it easier to meet the high demand of consumers, who look for trendy fashion and designs in pearl accessories. Fashion designers understand the extreme needs of pearl in accessories, but they don’t want to use it solely to prepare necklaces and earrings. This is why pearls are now being used in hairbands, purses, clutches, shoes, jackets to describe its versatility.

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The one in high demand is the metallic color of freshwater pearls. Due to its different overtone and metallic shine it looks incredibly bright. However, they come in various different shades and categories –

  • Lavender metallic shade is bright and striking pink color. They can also be blue, green or gold in color to make it look special.
  • White metallic pearls can be seen in pink, violet and green overtone. They are the most radiant colors that often attract customers.
  • Peach metallic pearls shine brightly and also reflect rainbow colors of yellow, gold, pink, blue, green violet, red an orange.

Although the rainbow overtone metallic pearls are quite in demand, but some also prefer, slivery blue overtone which is also seen in white metallic pearls. Metallic pearls with rainbow overtone are known as Wild Orchid. However, it is difficult to obtain metallic pearls from every oyster. Out of thousands of pearls only 1 percent pearls are metallic. Hence, cherish them as exclusive piece, if you have one.