There are strippers who come off a little too eager to please. They hang out at the door and pounces on you before you can even adjust to the lighting in the club. She grabs your hand and welcomes you with enthusiasm like you are the best thing she has seen that day.  She is super nice and drapes herself easily around your arm. To the rest of the performers, she has just marked you as her own and will offer you the lap dance of your life before you even get a chance to sit and look at the other talented ladies in the club.

She sits on your table or on your lap uninvited and doesn’t seem to understand “no” regardless of how polite you are. If you agree to buy her that one drink, she may take that as an invitation to stick around.  The bad thing is that whilst she hangs around, all the other dancers will avoid. If she does decide to leave your table, she might be emboldened to ask for a tip – just for sitting there. Don’t do it, she has been nothing more than a nuisance but if you treat her like someone whose attention you really wanted, then you are only discouraging her bad behavior.

Strip club vampires don’t just pounce on you at the door, sometimes they hide in the shadows and sneak up on you, when you least expect them. Before you even know it you have an invited person, sitting in your lap. Most are a little older but sometimes, even the younger ones become strip club Melbourne vampires because they haven’t really learnt the proper way to approach a customer. They’ll sneak up to you and ask if you want to dance. Some will even snake up your arm and offer a private, intimate tour of the club. The tour usually ends up at the VIP room. The big bouncer at the door might detract you from saying “no”.

Sometimes you don’t know that you’ve been pursued by a vampire until the fangs are out and she is about to draw blood or money you hadn’t planned on spending.  Strip club vamps can be amusing, you can go along with the act and if she is really a knockout, think about how envious all the other guys will be to see a beautiful, sexy lady leaning on you and acting like you have some kind of decadent candy.

So, how do you deal with strip club vamps?

  • See her for what she is, someone who will do the most to get you to part with your money.
  • You can avoid her and you can say “No” as many times as possible and she might let you go but that might backfire on you if she spreads word that you aren’t as open with your money as she and any other performer would have liked you to be.
  • Strip club Melbourne vampires can be tenacious. She might just linger at your table. However, the best way to deal with such a person is to acknowledge them and politely tell her that you just want to relax and enjoy the whole strip club experience. She won’t be mad, at least you haven’t wasted her time
  • If she approached your table offering a dance, just tell her you are only interested in the stage show. Do not fa for the “let me give you a tour of the club” routine. If she sticks around, firmly tell her that you are not interested in a lap dance or anything else she has to offer.

You might have to be firm if she insists on sticking to you, remember that you are dealing with someone whose sole motivation is to get money from you and will not give you time or room to think about your choices. You don’t have to come off as rude or heartless when you rebuff a dancer’s offer. Being nice and giving compliments can get you far. Be nice, but firm. Let her know that you appreciate the attention but you are there for the entire strip club experience and to check out the talent.