Summer is coming and, with it, the hottest months of the year. And, in the same way that the heat makes you more tired or needs to drink more water during the day, high temperatures can affect your car as well, and even more when you are not using a Car cover tent (เต็นท์คลุมรถ, which is the terms in Thai). Today we tell you the most common car breakdowns in the summer months, and some tips and tricks to avoid them.

Most Standard Car Breakdowns In Summer

In the heat, some car breakdowns increase considerably, many of them easy to avoid if you know how. Here are some of them:

Engine Breakdowns In Summer

Those commonly known as “heaters” are engine breakdowns due to problems with two fundamental elements for the proper functioning of the car, and which suffer significantly from the effects of heat: the electric fan and the thermostat.

These two elements are responsible for regulating the engine temperature, bringing and controlling the coolant to the engine. If these fail, the coolant does not arrive, causing the engine to overheat.

Punctures Or Blowouts Of Tires

With the heat, another of the elements of the car that deteriorates the most in summer are the tires. The effect of the heat from the asphalt causes more significant wear on the tires, which can make them lose their effectiveness and jeopardize your safety.

This is coupled with the fact that, also, summer holidays come and almost all of us take the opportunity to take long car trips than we do the rest of the year, which also causes more significant tire wear. For this reason, in summer, you must frequently check the pressure and condition of your car’s tires, to avoid problems during your trip.

Air Conditioning Problems

With the abuse of the air conditioning in summer, the filters can clog, or the contact can deteriorate more quickly, leading to a failure of the air conditioning of your car (something that, in addition to being expensive, can be a real problem on hot days). Therefore, it is essential that you check the condition of the air filters, clean them and, if necessary, change them before starting the trip.

Wiper Washer

That we do not use them this season does not usually mean that they should not be reviewed. Wiper rubbers are very sensitive to heat and can deteriorate excessively due to the effects of the sun. That is why you must check them well, to make sure that the rubber does not crack and lose effectiveness.

EGR Valve

This is one of the most important and least known parts of the car. This piece is responsible for redirecting the gases with polluting particles towards the combustion system, to prevent these particles from accumulating and reaching the engine.

In summer, the pollutant particles present in the air are increased, so the work that this part of the car must also do increases. This translates into a more significant number of particles and dirt accumulated in this part, which can make it lose effectiveness and end up breaking down or affecting the engine. Our advice: check your car’s EGR valve before you go on a trip and clean it to avoid breakdowns this summer.