What are the various types of bets in sports betting?

What are the various types of bets in sports betting?

Betting and sports

Gambling has become an inevitable part of a minority of people. Although there are some restrictions on these activities around the world, the processes are not stopping. Over time, several different ways of gambling have been produced. One such way is to bet on the sporting actions. Let us consider there is a football match between two teams. A bettor can sign up to a website like the SBOBET, or to a Slot that offers SBOBET betting, and place his money on any of the possible conclusions. These can be a win or loss or draw. If the guess is right, he will win his money doubled. Since some countries have a ban on these websites, you can use Situs Judi Bola to reach the website. However, you should know about the sport and choose the right betting website to succeed in the process. Each sports betting event will offer various types of bets that you can select and play. In this article, let us discuss some of these bets in brief.

Types of bets in sports betting

Straight bets

Straight bets are nothing but the direct bet on either the favorites of the game or the underdog. If you are going to put your bet on the favorites, you should have a disadvantage of a winning difference equal to a spread put by the betting organizer. For instance, if you are placing a bet on a popular franchise team in football, and there is a spread of 2 goals, your team should win with a difference of more than two goals. On the other hand, if you bet on the underdog, you win when it wins the game or loses with a difference below 2. 

Total line bets

In total line bets, there will be a set total of a number provided by the organizer. This total number is the predicted combined number of goals the two teams may score. Your betting options will be either to stay less than this number or go more than this number. If the total goals come in favor of your guess, you will win. 

Money line bets

It will be similar to straight bets. But there will not be point spread. Instead, you would have to risk more money if you are choosing the favorites of the game. If a team is the favorites in the home game and you are going with that team, your bet amount will be higher, and you have to lose it when lost. But the underdog bettor would lose a little if he lost and gain more if he won. 

Parlay bets

Instead of placing a bet on a single outcome, if you wish to pick more than two outcomes, the type of betting is called Parlay bets. You have to select multiple events and predict with a single bet. If all the predictions go right, you will win. Even if anyone of those goes wrong, you will lose everything. 

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