If you are going to apply for CU-TEP exam [สมัครสอบ CU-TEP, which is the term in Thai], you should know that the CU-TEP is the text for English Efficiency for undergraduate students that intend to seek their profession in college in English at Chulalongkorn University, as well as global research studies. You require to be at least a top intermediate to look for the examination. The examination is used for both undergraduate and graduate admissions. The test aims to determine your ability in analysis, to listen, and to compose in English to ensure that you can utilize English Skillfully for academic purposes.

What does the CU-TEP examination consist of?

The CU-TEP examination includes listening, reading, and creating a test total of 120 marks. Trainees should at least achieve 60 marks to pass the examination so that they can take admission to Chulalongkorn College program.

  • Checking out Section

It includes 6 to 7 flows and related questions. The majority of the passages are seen passages that means they are from undergraduate college books. Nonetheless, there is no need for prior knowledge to carry out well in an examination or score great marks. All the responses have to do with the functions, vocabulary, suggestions, sentence insertion, inferences, and restatements, etc. The reading area has a total of 70 minutes to complete the test. The checking out section consists of 60 marks.

  • Paying attention Section

The paying attention section contains fifteen lengthy flows and associated questions. The inquiries in this area are additionally concerning function, stance, reasoning, as well as ideas, etc. The paying attention section has approximately thirty minutes to finish the examination and consists of 30 marks.

  • Composing Section

The Composing area is likewise called error recognition due to the fact that it consists of of30 error recognition concerns. The questions are developed to test your grammatical knowledge, as well as vocabulary. There are concerns like choose a phrase, or a word, from the numerous choices. The creating section has an overall of 30 minutes for the examination. The creating section carries a total amount of 30 marks.

So, all the best for your CU-TEP test preparation [เตรียมสอบ CU-TEP, which is the term in Thai].