With the help of technology you play many games, some games you like to play alone and some games sitting with your family and friends. When children go into their small world, flashing on the screen, all conversations are blocked. If it is about technology, then the brain first goes to the smartphone, because all the games can be played with its help. As such, there is a great  trend of PUBG game. Today I have brought for you some such games which you can play with your family or friends.

The Dunker game

The dunker game is fast, frantic, and attractive and needs only one Gametool. Whenever you look at the creator’s exactly same powerful Battle Golf after the fun and enjoy, powerful title, the game is grounded. Thanks to its unexpected gameplay. This level of playing field is thankful  to its insanely despotic gameplay.

Two characters face off, their arms spin frantically. All players have two buttons, of which On-screen avatar forward and in the air, and the other one who pulls them back.

Super stickman golf

 If we talk about  silly sports, Super Stickman Golf 3 reset golf as a ball-smacker within large courses of movable islands, large castles, and laser- contagious moon bases. If people are on the same network, you can participate in frantic speed races in each hole. If people are on the exact network, you can participate in frenetic speed races in each and every hole.  In the alternative  way, there is an asynchronous turn-based mode for playing games against a love filled half-world.

Pokemon Go

It is the  most favorite game of children and youngsters. You can not only play game  in your smartphones but can also buy it from the shop. A good deal of Pokémon Go is about a fight between small animals that unroll each other to paramount rule Pokémon Jim, generously dredge about their topical vicinity. It is very simple and different from other games. Here it is not a real-life shared experience in sports and it serves to drive everyone out of the house.