The landscape of search engine optimization and link building is constantly evolving. Today, it is more than ever necessary to understand the importance of creating links.

Andrey Lippatsev, of Google, recently revealed that link, content, and UX were the top three ranking factors in the Google search algorithm. It is essential to implement high-quality campaigns if you want to be visible on the web.

How To Improve The Ranking Of Your Website?

Below are the strategies to follow if you want to improve the ranking of your website.

Write Quality Content

If you’re thinking of building links, you’re probably already creating blogs, social media posts, and you can even create infographic video (วิดีโออินโฟกราฟิค which is the term in thai). You have to ask yourself if the content you are creating is worthy of a link.

Create useful content that brings value to visitors. If you’re creating content just to keep track of your schedule, you’re not doing anything new to your targets. As a result, no one will link to your article, which will reduce your search engine ranking.

Try Guest Blogging

Be aware that many websites allow you to write an article on their blog that may include a link back to a page on your site. Accessing these websites and writing a thematic article for them is also an effective way to catch the attention of visitors to the website, expanding the reach of your audience.

You do not have to exhaust yourself by writing blog articles every day. According to a survey, more than 60% of companies only write 1-5 articles per month. Your content should be complemented by links to reports and case studies.

Comment On Relevant Blogs

If you selectively choose which blogs you choose to comment on, and if your comments add value to the publication, you can generate significant traffic with this method.

Adding value is your main goal. You are not only trying to post your link, but you are also looking to create a link with the blogger and to introduce yourself as a thoughtful and intelligent contributor to the topic even when your work undergoes Thai to Japanese translation (รับแปลภาษาไทยเป็นญี่ปุ่น which is the term in thai).