As the name suggests IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. Internet has spread across the world and it has promoted many Internet based businesses including IPTV. IPTV uses Internet as a medium to transmit streaming content from broadcasters to TV sets and other devices as well. IPTV viewers need to have fast Internet connection at their homes or TV sets to watch uninterrupted TV content.

Earlier, IPTV viewers were able to watch all channels that IPTV providers were transmitting. Subsequently, IPTV set up box was introduced and after that IPTV viewers can watch those channels that they subscribed for. Internet still stays as a medium for transmitting TV content from broadcasters to IPTV viewers. Hence, premium iptv viewers can view number of TV channels depending upon their subscription IPTV.

More and more people prefer to watch IPTV because of following reasons:

  • Uninterrupted TV viewing: TV viewers have experienced frequent interruptions with conventional satellite or dish TV systems. Especially, during storm or overcast sky or inclement weather, TV viewers have been unable to watch TV with satellite or dish TV systems.

Internet communication works incessantly during storm or other types of inclement weather hence IPTV viewers can uninterruptedly watch TV during storm, overcast sky or inclement weather.

  • Multiple devices: Internet is backbone of IPTV for transmitting TV content over Internet Protocol (IP). So IPTV can be viewed on devices having high speed Internet connection. Viewers can simultaneously watch IPTV on multiple devices like IPAD, smart phones, TV, desktop, laptop etc.
  • Internet used for multiple purposes: Internet is used for multiple purposes at many households across the world. People do use Internet for regular work like browsing, emails, chatting, video calls etc. People can pay more for additional Internet bandwidth for IPTV purposes and can watch IPTV at a much economical costs.
  • Portability: One subscription account of IPTV can be used to watch IPTV on multiple devices like IPAD, Smart Phones, Laptop, Desktop etc. The technology allows an IPTV user to watch IPTV on multiple devices simultaneously with one IPTV account. IPTV providers have started various types of subscription IPTV.  People have to select different types of subscription plans to watch specific number of channels etc.
  • Cost effective: IPTV is generally economical than traditional satellite TV and cable TV systems. The overall maintenance cost of traditional satellite TV and cable TV is much more than Internet based IPTV.
  • View from anywhere: Satellite TV and Cable TV cannot be viewed in other countries. TV viewers who have immigrated to other countries or are travelling to other countries cannot view their favorite channels or programs using satellite TV or cable TV connection. But, with IPTV system, an IPTV viewer can use the same account to watch his favorite channels and programs uninterruptedly. An IPTV viewer need high speed Internet connection to watch IPTV channels from anywhere in the world.

IPTV can be considered as next generation TV. Like many other Internet and Smart Phone based apps, IPTV is also becoming quite popular among TV viewers across the world.