New York Life Insurance is one of the biggest group disability insurance providers in the country with more than $300 billion in assets under management. The company also handles long-term disability insurance claims for individual policies and other insurance products. 

Disability policies provided by employers are governed by ERISA, an unfair pro-insurance company federal law. New York Life Insurance has a history of fighting policyholders over their legitimate claims. If you are dealing with the headache and frustration of an undervalued, delayed, or outright denial of your insurance claim, you need a New York Life disability claims lawyer to help you get your life back on track. A good attorney knows the playbook on how to take on the industry giants that don’t look out for policyholders like you. 

What Does New York Insurance Do to Deny Disability Insurance Claims?

This insurance giant uses tactics to fight valid claims. It denies a claim after ignoring the statements of the insured about their actual, daily occupational demands. Also, they use biased doctor reviews to wrongfully deny or terminate disability insurance benefit claims. The company does not advise and educate customers about the appeal process after denying a claim. 

The insurance giant has its own team of attorneys who can fight tooth-and-nail against insurance claimants. For the average consumer, fighting the company head-on might seem daunting, especially as it tries to wear down policyholders in the hopes that they will give up their claim. 

Appealing a New York Life Long-Term Disability Claim Denial

Whether you are a government employee or have an individual policy and your New York Life long-term disability insurance claim has been denied or cut-off, you may not need to file an administrative appeal with the insurance provider to enforce your rights. An experienced disability lawyer will help you determine your legal rights. 

But, if you have a group plan with the company, your policy may be governed by ERISA, which has strict appeal procedures and deadlines. The law requires an internal or administrative appeal if your benefits are denied or terminated. It sets a very limited timeline to file an appeal, often just 180 days. Thus, if your disability insurance claim from New York Life has been denied, time is not on your side. A skilled lawyer will make sure you can file an appeal on time and work to secure the insurance benefits you are rightfully owed.