You’ve prepared for this day ever since they were born, and now that it’s here, you’re wondering if you’re prepared enough. The short answer is probably no. As much as we know our children need to spread their wings and fly, we’re usually never truly prepared for it.

Unfortunately, there’s little we can do, so focusing on making sure your child has what they need while away from home is key. The school may provide a packing list. But your child will certainly read about other needs they have or see one of the countless social media posts about such needs. One of those things and something you should definitely consider is a copper mattress topper for their bed.

They will need to get a restful night’s sleep while they’re away. After all, how well the rest of their day goes depends on how well they sleep. Good sleep enables your child to concentrate on academics, digest any emotions they may be experiencing, and maintain optimal health.

Encouragement for a Restful Night’s Sleep

The copper mattress topper from Sleepyhead provides a “good till graduation” warranty and a 90-night trial period. More than a thousand colleges rely on them to get their students up, rested, and prepared for the day.

Remind your child to get enough sleep and to stay hydrated all day. A lack of sleep can affect their health and academic performance in college. When you are sleep-deprived, you won’t be able to focus, weight gain may become an issue, and personality can take a dip when stress and frustration take their toll.

Make Sure Their Health Needs Are Taken Into Consideration

Before sending your child to school, ensure they have all of their required vaccines and medical visits. Do they regularly take any prescription drugs that will need to be replenished while they’re away? Before they depart, do they require another package of contact lenses? Before they go, make sure you cross these items off the list to save them from thinking about their health. Additionally, you might want to think about assembling a first aid bag for them that is loaded with the medicines they often take.

Talk About Money

Will they stick with their current bank or look for one closer to campus? Have you discussed the importance of keeping their accounts in balance and keeping track of all transactions? It can also be necessary to give a brief reminder on identity and credit/debit card safety. This is crucial if it’s their first time from home.

Will your child be employed while at school? Have you discussed how they should manage their finances with them? Sometimes, we don’t think about these things until the start of college. Get them ready now, so they are ready when it’s time.


When speaking with your soon-to-be college student, you should focus on money, health, and sleep. As they speak to you, pay close attention. They may have a few thoughts of their own as well. Above all, take advantage of the situation and help them start a new chapter in their lives.