In recent years, traders and investors start paying attention to cryptocurrencies. The crypto coins get the hype. It is not only about its idea as the means for future transaction because it is basically a digital transaction, but the cryptocurrencies bring profits through trading and investments. Price of cryptocurrencies keeps changing and it is chance to gain profits. For investors, they need to find crypto coin that has good price or value for investment so they can gain more sums of money after the investment. There are many cryptocurrencies and each of them has different value and price. Some cryptocurrencies are popular, but there are also altcoins who may be less popular but they are still promising. Among those coins, Bitcoin or BTC is one of the popular cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin can be considered as one of the pioneers in cryptocurrencies. Now, its status is not only one of the pioneers, but it has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies adopted in many kinds of transactions. E-commerce platforms and other kinds of payments have supported accesses of payment by using BTC. That is why it gives good signals and it is predicted that the price is quite stable and even it can rise further in the future. As for how to buy BTC, it is not difficult. Its status as popular and most widely adopted coin make many trading and exchange platforms provide access to buy and sell the Bitcoin. However, most platforms support US Dollar as the fiat currency to buy and trade the Bitcoin. Meanwhile, it will not be good enough for people in Australia because they use AUD as the main means of transaction. When they have to convert the money before they buy the Bitcoin, it takes time. 

Fortunately, there is Cointree as the exchange platform to buy Bitcoin. Cointree provides access to buy the coin by using AUD. There is no need to convert the currency and it is possible to get the Bitcoin directly by using Australian Dollar. The process to buy the Bitcoin is very easy. What they need to do is to open an account by doing registration. It is fast to do and once the account is ready to use, people can deposit the fund to the account. Depositing the money can be by using mobile banking, online banking, and even cash deposit. Many accesses of deposit are provided by Cointree so traders and investors have no obstacles. After that, they can choose Bitcoin and start setting the amount of coins that they want to purchase. After completion of purchase, the Bitcoin will be registered to the account. 

It is very easy to do and there is no problem at all. Later, people can also sell the Bitcoin directly by using Cointree and it is connected to the world trading market. It is possible to see the track record regarding the price of Bitcoin to check the trend of the cryptocurrency. Then, they are able to find access to compare the price or value of Bitcoin with other coins. Things can be done from Cointree. Even, its website provides access to find the trending coins together with its price.