Does Allegra cure allergy completely?

Does Allegra cure allergy completely?

The mechanism of allergy

Our body is perpetually confronted by external enemies: microbes, viruses, bacteria. To combat them, he has a powerful weapon: the immune system.

Allergy is a failure of this system: instead of defending ourselves against real aggression, it does too much and starts to react against foreign substances (allergens) normally harmless (pollen, dust, food perfume). This reaction is reflected in particular by the production of antibodies specific to allergy – IgE (Immunoglobulin E).

Allergy is a global disease that causes various symptoms such as asthma, hay fever (rhinitis), conjunctivitis, eczema, urticaria, allergic shock.

An allergy occurs when the body “meets” the allergen, by ingestion, inhalation, skin contact. This triggers an immune system rejection reaction that considers the substance eaten, drunk, touched, or breathed as a dangerous enemy.

The body will then put into action its defense system, which will manifest itself in different ways depending on the person: exaggerated reaction of the lungs (asthma, allergic bronchitis), or nose (allergic rhinitis), or eyes (conjunctivitis), or of the skin (eczema, hives), or inside the mouth and throat (angioedema), or heart and blood vessels.

The allergic person is in perfect health as long as it is not in contact with one of the allergens that his immune system manages poorly.

Allergy can start at any age. A newborn or very young child may be allergic. Symptoms can appear from birth. They can also appear in adulthood.

However, It Is More Common In Children

Some people are genetically predisposed to show allergy from early childhood; they are said to be atopic.

If both parents are allergic: 80% risk for the child to be allergic. If only one parent: 50% risk of being allergic. However, even in the absence of allergic parents, a child may develop allergies.

It should be remembered that atopic children will not necessarily develop the same disorders as their parents or grandparents: thus, an asthmatic dad may have a child who declares a hay fever. It is also possible that the symptoms of the allergy do not appear: a baby can have an allergic ground but never have asthma, eczema, or other symptoms simply because we managed to hold it away from the most common allergens in our current lifestyle: milk, eggs, peanuts, mites, animals. This is the goal we pursue through prevention in infants.

When To Think Of An Allergy?

The forms of allergies and the reactions are varied; we can think of an allergy when:

  • The nose runs clear or is clogged
  • The eyes are red and are irritated
  • red, itchy patches appear on the face, folds
  • A cough occurs at night or during exercise when the bronchitis is repeated
  • Digestive disorders are recurrent (major regurgitations, diarrhea, constipation)
  • The symptoms (tiredness, coughing, itching) come back every year at the same time or regularly under certain circumstances
  • It should also be known that causes and symptoms sometimes combine unexpectedly.
  • Thus, asthma can be linked to a food allergy (milk, egg) and eczema, to an allergy to mites, molds).

Does Allegra cure allergy completely?

The medication does not cure the allergy completely. The medication can only suppress the effect reaction that is generated y the human body in response to the allergen. The response is in basic terms is suppressed by the medication Fexofenadine. The Allergy cannot be completely eliminated from the human body until the allergen is removed or destroyed. So if you want a better treatment, you can look for it. For a temporary treatment, Allegra is the best medication which can be easily purchased.

Who should stay away from Allegra?

If you are dealing with an allergic reaction about which you do not know anything, then you should not look for treatment by yourself. If you are expecting a baby or are into breastfeeding, then you should not take the medication by yourself. The women who breastfeed should stay away from all the medications which are not prescribed by the health care specialist. One should take care of the health condition and also of the medication which a pregnant lady is taking.

If you find out that you are suffering from allergy and not sure about it then must take the treatment as prescribed by a doctor. People who are older than 65 years of age also should not take extra medications which are not prescribed by the doctor. This medication is also not advised to people who are hypersensitive. The medication is also not advisable to children who are younger than 6 years. Pregnant women can take this drug but under a doctors supervision.

Doctors also prescribed this drug to women only in the condition where it benefits movement, and there is no risk to the fetus. Patients who are dealing with chronic renal and kidney failure should cautiously use this medication

 When should a patient purchase Fexofenadine?

When a patient feels that allergic season is about to come in the field is symptoms of allergy they can order the medication. If anyone is new to allergy, they can get themselves diagonalized for the energy and then go for taking the medication. It is really important to clarify the allergy-causing allergens because the same symptoms are caused due to other reasons as well. Running and a stuffy nose can be the symptom for viral and bacterial infections as well, rather than being an allergy.

There are nearly no contraindications to use this medication, but one should only purchase when it is prescribed or when you are facing the symptoms of energy that can be cured with the help of Allegra.

Where to get Allegra?

One can purchase the medication directly from the pharmacies or can order it from an online pharmacy. You can make your medication purchase from RXshopMD. The generic medications are also available on the website. If you have lost your prescription or want to order some antibiotics that you know will work for the allergy you are facing, then you can directly order it without any prescription. The RXshopMD sell the medication without Rx. It is really easy to have a look at the rating of medication and then purchase it when you are making a purchase from an online pharmacy.

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