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No doubt, technology has been a shot in the arm for e-commerce. Without the benefit of the internet, for instance, ordering would be largely crude. We won’t have the speed of service that we so now enjoy these days. And true enough, technology has become our greatest ally in fighting the virus. 

As the pandemic wore on, people have become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. It’s expected that by the end of 2021, about 73% of all e-commerce sales will come via mobile. What that means for you is you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Even better, you need to have a mobile app to facilitate faster sales. Without a timely pivot to mobile, you could end up losing a lot of clients — and risk losing it all. 

But even with all the technology available, there’s one aspect in your e-commerce business you really can’t afford to take for granted right from Day 1. And that’s how important delivery is. 

People would be content to get their ordered product within seven to ten days. But all that is in the past now. If you want to have a shot at being on top of the competition, you need to put your attention on speedy and reliable delivery service. 

The good news is that many online businesses are enjoying the full benefits of stunning delivery service right now, raking in the profits big time. Taking a page from them should be wise. Below are five key aspects to look into to improve delivery service and improve your e-Commerce brand. 

Offer Wide Delivery Options

Let’s face it; now that the pandemic is still on the upswing, reliable delivery matters. If you take a closer look at the products most ordered online, food is top of that list. Who would want to have food delivery that takes days? Unless you’re a monk living in the Himalayas, the answer should be no one. 

Therefore, you must ensure you have a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to delivery, and that should include next-day delivery. In these trying times, 24-hour delivery has become standard. Not offering that can have negative repercussions for your business. What’s more, you should put on the table more options so your clients can choose which best fits their needs. 

Zero in on a Reliable Logistics Company

You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you choose the wrong courier. A good logistics provider is a vital part of your e-commerce operation. And when zeroing in on one, it’s not just about looking at the costs. First up, you need to know how reliable a particular logistics enterprise is to serve your clients. 

Many online sales companies may rely on doing the delivery themselves. That can assure you a better handle of the service. But as your operation grows, handling the delivery yourself can be counterproductive, stretching yourself too thin in the process, reason enough why partnering with a reliable logistics company is wise. 

Tracking Parcels

This is where once again, technology can help you. You need to track deliveries. Not only will you help clients manage expectations but also ensure that the parcel arrives where it should be. GPS technology can help you make this happen. The delivery van can be GPS-enabled. That way, your customer can easily be updated on the status of the parcel. Plus, you can factor in needed adjustments should the parcel be delayed. 

More Manageable Delivery Price

You can better the customer experience via the delivery price. For one, you can offer free delivery for bulk orders. That should encourage your patrons to order more. 

When you give special delivery rates, that actually works to your advantage. Such an offer will likely attract more customers to avail of your product. It may require you to lose out on profits. But if it will gain you more clients, that gamble is worth the risk. 

Remember that you need to look into the competition in this regard. Not being aware of how your competitors are doing can put you last on the list of options for customers. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, how satisfied your customers are will tell you if your delivery service is off the charts. Remember that in an increasingly connected world, thanks to the internet, all it takes is a scathing review online for your brand to go down. 

So the key to greater customer satisfaction is constant improvement. You might fumble and make a mistake along the way with regard to your delivery service. But if you are willing to enhance your service accordingly, chances are you will hear more positive reviews over time. And increase your bottom line by a hundredfold. 

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meta desc: If you want to boost your e-commerce brand, it’s important you improve your delivery service. You really can’t be a top-caliber online sales company without one. Read on to find out ways to get things done.