Accidents caused by commercial trucks are often traumatic. Nobody will ever want to be involved in this type of accident. Due to the size and weight of a commercial truck, an accident with them can lead to serious physical injury, property damage, and even death. Victims of commercial truck accidents should seek legal assistance from a reliable Semi truck accident lawyer near me. Through their attorney, they can know the steps they should take right after the accident. 

Because of the shock and impact of a commercial semi-truck accident, victims may not be able to act responsibly at the accident scene. But, this can cost them their compensation claims. By following the steps below, truck accident victims can have a worthwhile case:

Stay at the Accident Scene

If the truck accident led to serious bodily injury death, those who are involved should not flee from the scene. Otherwise, they could face a criminal charge. Victims must wait for the accident to be investigated by the authorities and give their version of the event.

Contact Law Enforcement

Victims should call 911 after a truck accident, so medical personnel or the police would come to the scene The police will create a report that explains how the accident happened and who the officers believe caused it. The report will serve as important evidence when a victim files an insurance claim or a lawsuit. 

Exchange Details with the Other Driver

A victim must get the details of the truck driver including their names, address, contact details, insurance information, and driver’s license details. They should limit the conversation to these matters. Discussing the accident, particularly details on who caused the accident should be avoided. Also, it is important for semi-truck accident victims to never admit liability nor underestimate their injury because this could ruin their claim.

Collect Evidence

While at the accident scene, victims should take pictures or videos if possible. They should capture the road condition, location of the accident, traffic signs, visible skid marks, and the license plates of both vehicles. Also, they must get information about any witness present at the scene. This could be vital information their attorney will need to support their claim. 

Get a Medical Evaluation

Even if the truck accident victim feels fine, they should submit themselves to a medical checkup. Some accident injuries may take time some time before they show symptoms. The report of a doctor can be used as evidence of how the crash physically harmed the victim.