Pursuing a successful car accident claim in Grand Junction can be quite challenging. You need to file a claim within the legal deadline and look for evidence to support it Also, it includes the use of witness testimony. Witnesses will help convince a jury to side with you. By working with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Grand Junction, you have extra hands to help you locate witnesses to get statements from them that can be in your favor. In a car accident case, there are different types of witnesses you can give their side of the story and back your own. 

Kinds of Witnesses You Can Use to Back Your Story

Supporting witness statement offers the jury a story to verify what you said took place and gives them an unbiased source of information. The jury may believe a witness’s statement over what conflicting parties say because the witness has nothing to gain or lose. Because of this, you need to identify witnesses at the accident scene and get their contact information or their statements before it will be difficult to find them. 

Before you try to get statements from a witness, ensure that they can provide an accurate description of what occurred in detail and that they are willing to testify. The following are the most dependable witnesses you can use for your car accident case:

  • Those who have seen the accident. This witness may have also witnessed the behavior of the reckless driver before the crash happened. They are bystanders who tend to be impartial to your case’s outcome and should be more focused on the facts of your case.
  • Your Passengers. If you have passengers when the accident occurred, you have reliable witnesses from which you can get detailed descriptions of the crash. As a driver, adrenaline and the panic to control the car may have left you with false memories. But, the testimony of your passenger may file in these gaps with the same point-of-vice from inside your vehicle. 
  • Law enforcement. In general, you should contact the police right after an accident, so they can make a report that states who caused the crash. The police report might influence an insurance carrier. 

Hiring an Attorney to Help you Get Useful Witness Testimony

The best car accident attorney in Grand Junction provides aggressive legal counsel to injured victims in car accidents. They will interview witnesses while the crash is still fresh in their minds. Also, your attorney knows that witnesses are often sympathetic to the injured victim, so they tend to be willing to testify for you.