How To Manage An Online Store

How To Manage An Online Store

Like other types of business, an online store needs proper management to achieve the best results. There are numerous platforms and software that allow us to streamline and optimize many of the necessary processes in e-commerce. Take note of our instructions to achieve the correct management of your e-commerce.

How Do We Manage E-Commerce?

Taking into account the type of online shopping program (โปรแกรมขายของออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) and the requirements that we need to cover, we can choose an appropriate management system for e-commerce.

Although there are many management solutions for online stores that allow us to streamline the processes related to customers, payments, stock or orders, we are going to focus on three essential management systems for the proper management of your online commerce.

1. CMS

Content management system, as its name indicates, allow us to manage and control the content of our online store, as well as how our customers view this information.

It is in this type of platform where the online catalog of our e-commerce is created. Here, the photographs, descriptions, attributes, price and stock of each product are loaded. Orders and returns will also be controlled and managed from here, as well as all data referring to customers and communications with them.

2. ERP

Enterprise resource planning are management software for any company, whether online or physical. There are many standard ERP solutions focused on all types of businesses based basically on the catalog of products that are sold.

It is in this type of program where the control of invoices issued and received will be kept. The financial statements of the company, the cash and banking operations or taxes are also managed from here. Likewise, they allow us to carry out stock control in an automated way.

3. CRM

This involves the management of the relationship with consumers. The CRM allows you to give a more personalized service to your clients, achieve greater and better loyalty and also attract more customers.

Among some of its functions is the monitoring of each interaction that takes place in our online store. This allows us to see the behavior of customers and facilitates the necessary adaptations to improve the usability of our website.

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