Sun-Safe Babies - The Skin Cancer Foundation

You may not have known that one in every seven youngsters today would acquire skin cancer at some time throughout their lives. Several scientific studies have shown that even a single severe sunburn during childhood may more than quadruple a child’s chance of acquiring skin cancer later in life, according to the American Cancer Society. Is it really worth the danger of putting your children through something like that? No way in the world! One of the most important things you can do for your children is to educate them about UV radiation protection while they are still young.

Here are some suggestions for educating children about sun protection:

Provide them with matching swimwear and apparel that is sun-protective. The purchase of sun protection swimwear for your children, as well as an explanation of why you are being so cautious about the garments they wear while in the sun, are very necessary. This should serve as an educational opportunity to explain why it is necessary to cover up the skin and how UV protection apparel protects their skin protected.

Follow my instructions and do as I say. The most effective method to influence your children is to set a good example. Even if they are resistive throughout their tween or teen years, they will always pay attention to what you do and attempt to copy it in some manner. You will see a difference in your children’s attitudes about protection as they get older, depending on how persistent you are with your own protection routines.

Inform older children about the dangers of skin cancer. If you educate children about sun protection while they are young, it is considerably simpler since they have not yet learned to question why you do things the way you do them. For older children, on the other hand, you may need a harsh dose of reality. The reasons for sun protection (matching swimwear) are explained by demonstrating how tanning and severe sunburns often lead to cancer. This may be even more beneficial for older children than more direct teachings on sun protection, particularly for those who are worried about the ugliness skin cancer can bring.

Describe how lower temperatures do not always imply that it is safe to go outdoors without wearing UV protection apparel throughout the summer. On chilly days, it is possible for your skin to be injured by the sun, and what’s worse about this form of damage is that we are frequently unconscious that we are being damaged in the first place. Despite the fact that most people equate sun damage with hot days, it is not the temperature that causes the intensity of UV radiation to rise.

Educating children on the need for sun protection is becoming more crucial as time goes on. The quantity of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth is progressively growing year by year, and we must take precautions to keep our children safe from this radiation.