Managing your budget is one of the most important things in Sbobet88 Mobile sports betting, if not the most important thing whether it is for the professional bettor, the semi-professional bettor, the beginner or the bettor who only bets from time to time for fun. . By laying down a few simple rules about managing his money and the bets he places the bettor gives himself a much better chance of success.

Define rules.

Bookmakers are winners in the long run that are indisputable. 95% of punters lose out in the long run. One of the main causes is poor or non-existent budget management. If we don’t set precise rules, we tend to make two types of terrible mistakes:

  • Increase stakes during winning streaks.  We tell ourselves that all is well and will continue to do well.
  • Increase bets during losing streaks. Because we want to “remake ourselves”, an expression to be banned.

That is to say that whatever happens to the bettor, he will tend to increase the stakes. The chances of winning will not increase, however, nor even the confidence will he have in his bets. The budget is not unlimited; you understand that this leads to disaster.

You should know that sports betting works in series. There are winning streaks (where the bettor turns 80% success), neutral streaks (40-60% success) and losing streaks (20%). Series of 2 or 3 winning predictions out of 8 or 9 exist because sports betting are not an exact science and that on hundreds or thousands of bets per year, the probability of bad series happening is high, as is that of good ones. Series of course.

A constant fight against our discipline

Budget management therefore makes it possible not to make these errors. It’s just a question of psychology. The bettor wins, he gains confidence, and he increases his bets. The bettor loses; he wants to recover and therefore increases his bets. In conclusion, sports betting are a constant battle against our discipline.

Managing Your Budget In 4 Steps

Set a certain amount of money that will be allocated only to sports betting (called Bankroll). It is very important that this amount of money can be lost. Realizing this will allow the better not to have a huge burden on their shoulders when betting. Weight which could be dangerously influencing in the management of the bets. It is not essential that this amount is on the bookmakers! The only important thing is that it is determined.

Set a betting range

What will be the minimum stake and what will be the maximum stake. You can imagine that here it is not the minimum that is important but the maximum! It is very important to set a limit! As said before our sports betting budget is not unlimited so the most important goal is not to lose it. Usually bettors use a betting interval between 1% and 10% of the total budget. For very large Bankrolls a 1% -5% is possible.