What is Raw? And Why it is necessary to capture RAW?

The RAW file is a digital negative, which ensures that all data kept waiting to be released by the raw Writer. Apart from a jpeg file that has edited in-camera (or in post-processing) and it is an 8-bit compressed file. It’s the most significant verification of someone’s confidence in your professional life because it’s one of

the first things that a mildly excited to pick up on in their search for photography knowledge.

Why is RAW necessary?

The most significant benefit to RAW shooting is to have as much detail as possible in the picture. Once you move the RAW file to your program, the white balance and the tonal corrections can be manually changed. The RAW file is still in its original form. Capturing

RAW has become more popular as cameras of choice, built-in and RAW editing software are becoming more conveniently available.

Several editors are available free and paid where you can easily edit your Raw images and bring versatility in your photography skills.

Basic of Raw:

If you capture in raw, the sensor should hold your hands off,

which implies that you have full, blissful control over your whole image. The raw file is not an image. Such data recorded by the sensor and sent to you on a memory card. You have to do what you want with the details before you compact it into an image. Typically, the raw picture does not have the in-camera sharpening provided by the compression of the file. But don’t worry every time you think your image isn’t as vibrant as it should be – you need to repair it in the post-production editing process.

A large number of editors free and paid are available easily on the internet you can use them to edit your raw images. These editors are beneficial to create quality images.

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