Legendary Telegu Actress-Sridevi

Legendary Telegu Actress-Sridevi

Sridevi is a famous Indian actress that has played roles in high-quality Telugu movies. Born as Shree AmmaYangerAyyapan on 13/08/1963 and died on 24/02/2018. Sridevi was also a producer, and she worked in Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil. She was given the name of the first female superstar. She received many accolades during her acting times, National Award Film, Kerala state Award Film, Nadu State Award Film, and many others. Trivedi in all her career in the acting industry, played roles that are showing women in situations that were challenging and appeared in many movies, be it comedy or action movies. In the 1980s she ranked among the highest-paid actress in bolly wood and regarded as a most influential woman in Indian history of Cinema

The state government gave her an honorary award and was voted as the greatest actress in Indian history in 100 years. Sridevi was found dead in a hotel that she was staying in Dubai on date 24/02/2018. It was said that the cause of death was drowning in a bathtub unconsciously. She was wife to Boney Kapoor who is a producer of films, and they had two children JahnviKapoor who is an actress also included


In this film, a young girl of 16 years has just graduated from high school and has exceptional scores. She is lovely, and a woman that is very intelligent and lives in a tiny society has ambitions of being a teacher. In the hospital that is located in the village, there is a new veterinarian who has come, and many people are attracted to him because he is very charming and seems prosperous and very wealthy too. Mali, played by Sridevi, has been drawn to this Doctor, and he appears to be attracted to her also. Mali decides to leave the opportunity of studying and become a teacher so she could spend her time with the Doctor. However, she finds out his real intentions after he tries to have sex with her forcibly


Narayan has an accomplice with whom they work for Nayar, these two break in a bank in the city of Hydra bad and rob INR 1,000,000,000. The police have found out that a robbery is going on a shootout ensures which result in a chase. During the shooting, one policeman and a gang member are shot dead. Narayan goes rogue and kills his fellow gang member and double-crosses Narsing hoping to enrich himself with the money. Police are watching all the routes of Hyderabad in and out. However, Narayan is tracked down by Nayar and his gang members to his brother’s studio. Having no otherwise Narayan hides clue for finding the money in a photo envelop


In this film, Rajesh falls for a very charming girl named Devi, played by Sridevi. When their relationship starts, it is full of quells, and this leads to Devi rejecting Rajesh’s proposal and, in the end, humiliating him. But later, Rajesh realizes that he loves Devi with his soul body and mind. Sometime later their parents decide to arrange a marriage for the two. Still, few days to the marriage date Devi’s brother, who is a doctor, discovers that Rajesh is suffering from cancer and tries to stop their marriage. However, Rajesh and Devi plan to marry in secret so that no one can know about it. It is through this time that Rajesh discovers that he is sick indeed.

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