Spending some time in another country is intriguing and awesome. It gives you the opportunity to venture into a different culture and hook up with new people other than just you who can teach you some new things. In a situation whereby what you long for so much is not sold in stores within your reach, you can request for it to be sent to you through your family or friends.

Here, we would look into the very simple steps on how to send items to Japan (ส่ง ของ ไป ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai). If these are being followed appropriately, be rest assured that your goods will get to its destination safe and sound.

What You Can Send And What You Cant

The first and most crucial thing is to get the knowledge of what is allowed to send to Japan. Every country has its own rules and regulations, and Japan is not an exception. When shipping to Japan, make sure that your shipment does not include pornographic, counterfeit goods, Ammunitions, and firearms, narcotics, copyright articles or books, obscene materials, Chemicals which can serve as weapons, explosives, and many more. With all these being listed, be careful as to make sure you don’t send any of those to Japan.

Rules And Regulations

Concerning the documentation, it is advisable to describe a product and also attach to it its amount. When sending a package, a form would be issued to you in which you will specify the content of the package. You don’t have to provide many details, all you have to do is to explain the contents making sure it is brief and clear without leaving out the approximate cost. In some countries, the postal Shipping Company (บริษัท ชิป ปิ้ง, which is the term in Thai) makes a tracking number available from which you can see through its site; the location of the package and to know when the package gets to the desired destination.

Getting It To The Desired Place

Another important aspect is the Address. This is one of the most complexes when it comes to delivering your package to Japan. You need to have a clear knowledge or idea of how to write in kanji, which is the Japanese writing alphabets. Once you’re able to write your address in one of these alphabets, your package will definitely get through. All they will need to do is to print it out on a label or put it in western characters making sure that they don’t leave out vital data which include the number of the building and also the zip code to enable it to get to its desired destination even when the rest of the info isn’t clear.