Why Stanhope Seta is a Leading Force in Quality Control

Why Stanhope Seta is a Leading Force in Quality Control

Stanhope Seta are a British company that began trading in 1938. The company specialise in the design and manufacture of laboratory test instruments which are widely used to measure product quality and consistency. There are many exporters of Stanhope seta who send the equipment from its base in the United Kingdom across the world, including to parts of Africa and Asia.

What do they do?

They produce quality control equipment that can be used to measure flash points, penetration, viscosity, contaminants vapour pressure, petroleum test equipment and various other ‘quality’ parameters. They are the market leaders in their field, manufacturing over 100 different products used to measure consistency and quality.

Their products are of value across a variety of different industries including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Aviation
  • Crude oil
  • Flavour and Fragrances
  • Lubricants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste and Environmental
  • Petroleum-Fuels and Oils
  • Paint and Chemicals

Why choose them?

The best quality control equipment

The company can offer the highest quality of test equipment. It is required to be of the highest standards as it measures the quality of many products not just a single one.

Their products are sure to be up to worldwide standards across the globe. This is because major national and international standardisation companies such as ISO, ASTM, IP and BSI contribute for test method specification that decide the quality standards of the product.

Designs supported by the ISO 90001

The ISO 90001 is the international standard that stipulates the requirements for a quality management system, and all Stanhope-Seta laboratory instruments and equipment are supported by it. The certification means that the company has adhered to all the stringent tests, inspections and calibration procedures required.

This ensures the products will provide the best quality results, and are safe for use. When you are sold the equipment sales representatives will also make sure that you are up to date with the latest information on how the instruments should be used for maximum efficiency and safety.

As well as this, lab equipment information is readily available whenever anyone wants to access it. The ISO certificate means that all equipment has the latest safety measures applied to it to makes sure it is safe to be used and should never be able to harm the user. The company also make sure that space parts are readily available should they be needed to successfully maintain the equipment.


Stanhope Seta are rightfully leaders in their market as their high standards in safety and quality are unmatched. Their large product ranges that spreads across crude oil, cosmetic product, food, and everything in-between means that their success is likely to continue for a long time to come. Stanhope Seta laboratory instrument exporters will surely look to build on their progress in Asia and Africa by exporting their product to even more countries.

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